TripAdvisor Reviews

We've put a lot of thought and passion into The Malt Room in order to provide the perfect environment to sample great whisky. Everything from our carefully stocked bar, the distillery-inspired decor, and our passionate team reflect our values and mission - to provide the finest drinks in the friendliest venue - welcoming all to enjoy, learn and relax. We're very proud when our customers share their enjoyment of their visits, and we're always listening to how we can improve.


What a find

"Stumbled across this amazing wee place. Great cozy atmosphere, fabulous selection of drams and other drinks, staff were very helpful and knowledgeable about the drinks. Don't be surprised about the prices, you're paying for the quality but definitely worth visiting for the experience. A malt whisky drinkers paradise"


"Wow! We came across this place by an accident and beeing whiskey fans came inside. Variety of whiskeys, specially prepared whiskey tastings called by them "flights" and overall wonderful atmosphere make this bar one of the places we visited in Scotland. 5+++! Staying in inverness we surely will come back there"