wHisky in Inverness

Scottish whisky is famous around the world, and the Highland whisky region is celebrated for the diversity and quality of its single malts. Inverness is fortunate to be located near several of the most venerated and well known distilleries of the region, and no stay in Inverness would be complete without a visit to at least one of them. Here at The Malt Room, We are proud to serve many different bottles of these local Highland heroes. 

The Dalmore Distillery

The Dalmore Distillery

The Dalmore

The chance to explore The Dalmore Distillery is almost as special as the single malt whisky they create there.

Those fortunate enough to visit the distillery, on the shore of the Cromarty Firth in the spectacular Highlands of Scotland, can behold the buildings and warehouses that have stood since 1839. The whole experience will be a rare insight into the skill, expertise and craft that goes into each precious drop of The Dalmore.

The Glenmorangie Distillery

The Glenmorangie Distillery


By the tranquil shores of the Dornoch Firth, amidst the golden barley fields of Ross-shire, lies the Glenmorangie Distillery. Here you will find a warm Highland welcome from the legendary Men of Tain, the skilled craftsmen who ensure that Glenmorangie is made in the same unhurried and uncompromising way it has always been through its long and distinguished history.

Tomatin whisky inverness.jpg


Explore the Tomatin distillery and learn how they produce their award winning whiskies. You will learn about the unique legacy of Tomatin which, having started in 1897, was once one of the largest producers of whisky in Scotland.